Marketing and Creativity: Love it or Hate it

I had no idea whether I was going to like marketing or not when I started working for myself but the fact of the matter is you have to spend a lot of your time doing it. In my previous life as an employee marketing was not a part of my day job. This is a new skill I’ve had to start learning and putting into practice. How was I going to get people to like, know and trust me? I’ve had to start getting myself out there and that was a scary thought. It still is but I’m starting to get used to it.

The thought of using social media this time a year ago would have sent me into panic mode and full of self-doubt. Why would anyone want to see, read or hear what I’ve got to say? I’m not good enough and I can’t put myself out there. Classic imposter syndrome. The problem is if you don’t put yourself out there, nobody is going to know who you are and nobody will know about the valuable service that you can offer. I had to get over my fear of social media.

I started with LinkedIn. I first had to create my profile which took me a while. Trying to find the right words and working out what I wanted to say was all part of the journey and it still is. Writing copy will always be a part of the journey and updating a profile on social media is just as important. You can’t just write something once, put it out there and that’s it. With social media it’s important to stay active so that people know you’re still doing your thing. If you stop posting or commenting and a potential buyer finds you, they may think you don’t provide that service any longer.

Marketing is actually fun. Who knew?

It allows me to get creative and reach out to people in varying ways. I wasn’t even on LinkedIn this time a year ago and now I’m on it every day. It’s a great resource and I enjoy reaching out to people asking them to connect. However, I don’t just click connect. I research the companies and look at the work they create and then reach out to someone I’d like to connect with commenting on their work.

What I’ve been learning is you don’t just send one email or a connection request or make one phone call and then just leave it. Building relationships takes time and the follow up is so important. As we are all bombarded with messages across many platforms and in various formats each day, we need to find creative ways to keep top of mind with the people that we’ve made the initial contact.

As human beings we are not just one thing so I started to think creatively about my life and how I can incorporate other skills I have into my voiceover business. One of my other passions is crochet. I love to make things and have made many toys, scarves, bags and blankets over the years. I get a lot of pleasure from crocheting. It’s relaxing and very good for mindfulness, another of my passions. It slows me down and lets me be in the moment so I decided I would incorporate crochet into my marketing.

I know I enjoy receiving things in the post and writing letters was a huge part of my childhood when I moved to London in the early 80’s. If I wanted to stay in touch with my friends, I’d have to write to them and we did write for many years. The phone was not an option as it was too expensive. I still remember the excitement I felt when a new letter arrived for me to open when I got home from school. It was great to hear my old friends’ news whilst I was making new friends in London.

I made some mug hugs and sent them out in the post. I really enjoyed doing this as it felt like coming full circle back to my old favoured way of communicating through the post. It felt different as we are all so used to being bombarded with emails on a daily basis. I wanted to add a bit of me and show a bit of my personality through my marketing communications through the crocheting. I’m pleased to say it has had some very positive feedback and I’ve had some lovely conversations as a result of it.

Onwards and upwards. Letter writing and crocheting are going to continue to be a part of my marketing strategy.

What can you do to make you stand out from the crowd? What other passions do you have that you could incorporate into your marketing plan?

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