Embrace Your Uniqueness and Shine

It’s so important to embrace your uniqueness when starting a business and to show the world who you are through your brand. Don’t try to be anybody else or copy others, find you and show who you are. It’s important to remember we are enough.

Nobody is like you. Nobody in the world has had your exact life. You have had a culmination of life experiences, learning, education, family and friends that nobody else has had that makes you unique. Your recipe is unique and that makes you, you. We need to embrace this wholeheartedly and show others what we can bring to the table.

Finding your uniqueness is your USP. It’s your unique selling point. There are so many things to consider which essentially fall under who, what, where, why, when and how. It’s about telling your story, your journey and experiences that have led you to where you are now.

My story, journey and experiences will be different to yours.

So who am I?

I’m a female British voice over artist based in east London who spent her formative years in Oldham, Lancashire. As a result, I can speak in a few accents. I came to the voice world later on in life in my early 40’s via an unexpected route; The Stylist Magazine. I spent twenty years in the corporate world and had worked in publishing and as a nanny before then. All of these have an element of storytelling.

I’d always had a passion for performing and storytelling when I got the chance both growing up and as an adult, often coming up with puppet shows in the garden shed! I play the violin and played in amateur orchestras as a child and continued into adulthood. I’m also learning piano and guitar. All of these performing skills I enjoyed in my own time to let my creativity through when I was working in the corporate world. However, I also knew that eventually I would want a creative life and for that to be the way I made my living.

The ‘stage’ and performing has always called me. As a child I wrote to the BBC and asked for an audition to be in Grange Hill but I needed to be at stage school which I wasn’t. Another huge passion of mine is writing. I’ve written many stories, plays and songs. Music, writing, performing and crafts make up a large part of who I am. Performing and storytelling have been a constant thread throughout my life.

My work experiences have also shaped who I am up to now. Working in the corporate world has given me research, interview, problem-solving and communication skills. In this world I was able to communicate with people at all different levels and along with a team provided a research service to our clients. I was able to keep calm in a very busy, pressured environment to ensure the delivery of a quality service in a timely manner.

I’m also made up of the education I’ve had. Whilst working I took a Masters in Acting along with many other voiceover classes, acting, singing, violin, guitar and piano classes. I’ve also taken many writing courses which all help with storytelling and communication skills.

It was a chance reading of The Stylist magazine one day back in 2014 that led me directly to voiceover. It was ‘A Day in the Life of’ article with Rachael Naylor at The Voiceover Network and it truly resonated.

My experiences up to date have led me to voiceover today. My USP is that I can bring my corporate experience along with my acting and performing experience to the world of voiceover.

My offering is to provide a service to my clients in a timely manner and to have top quality customer service. I enjoy talking to people and building relationships. A main part of my USP is customer service and I want my clients to feel they are receiving a professional, friendly and reliable service. I want to be able to solve their problems.

My experiences and training up to now have required storytelling, communication, creativity, problem-solving and building relationship skills. All these skills I am applying to my business to give my unique offering. Although lots of other people will also have these skills the way I portray myself and come across to others will be different. I have my own personality that will hopefully shine through in a way that will connect with some people.

Having a passion for crafts as well which I’ve incorporated into my marketing has gone some way to making me be different in a crowded market place.

So, what is your journey? Who are you, what are your experiences, where do you live, when did things happen, why did things happen and how?

Embrace You!

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